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HD-SDI Ready for Deployment
What is HD-SDI?
HD-SDI stands for High-Definition Serial Digital Interface. It is the common term for a high-definition digital video transmission standard known as SMPTE 292M.
The SMPTE 292M standard is part of a family of Serial Digital Interface standards that use a coaxial cable to transport uncompressed digital video– currently still predominantly used in professional TV studios. In short, HD-SDI is a standard for transmitting uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video signals.
Benefits of using HD-SDI

The simple explanation is that wherever it is crucial to see the smallest details of what the camera has recorded completely crystal clear, with no compromise on quality, HD-SDI is the answer. HD-SDI is the first established standard that provides sufficient bandwidth to allow uncompressed transmission of high-definition video signals. With HD-SDI, when a video feed is frozen or paused, the still picture is sharp and in clear HD whereas with lower standard (non HD-SDI transmitted) video, compression can lead to lower resolution stills that are not as clear or are distorted. For these reasons, HD-SDI is the ultimate video solution for industries that rely on high-quality, high-definition, reliable video feeds.
Upgrading video systems to HD-SDI is also cost-effective because existing coaxial cables can be used, whereas other technologies such as IP cameras require new cabling.
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